Chandra Chaturvedy


Chandra Chaturvedy

I am utterly overwhelmed and pleased to be associated with Orion greens. Being a plant lover for my whole life I was divested of my own garden or well maintained balcony as a youth in the fast-paced, metropolis and concrete jungle of Mumbai. However, after moving to Jaipur post my marriage, I observed the foliage and flora of the insouciant city of Jaipur I coveted my own organic/herb garden. I started investing in my own herbage and flowers. Sadly my lack of knowledge about plants caused the plants to wither away and fade making me despair.

I learned about the training by Orion Greens from my friends and on the newspaper. Through Orion Greens I am now able to do what I am passionate about. Orion Greens has taught me about the basics as well as the auxiliary information about plants. I now know about the type of manure and soil used for the different types of plants, the size of pots is contingent to the size of the plants and saplings. I also learned about the diseases of plants and which plant is appropriate for which season.

Currently I love spending time in my green and verdant balcony. Now my plants are in proper condition due to my newly acquired knowledge of plants. I am fortunate enough to be associated with Orion Greens and am content by helping them make our city and country a green place to live in.

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